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    The Business Circle

    Real lessons from business leaders

    Business owners know it takes more than just a great idea to succeed. They know it takes passion, vision and knowledge. That's why over 40,000 Alberta businesses bank with Servus.

    We help them grow and succeed with expert advice and business banking professionals who know what it takes.

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    Need financial advice for your business? Look no further.

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    Alberta business stories

    Watch Alberta business leaders share their experiences so you can learn from them and get ahead, faster.

    Lonny Hoy
    Lonny Hoy

    Cedar Ridge Homes

    Lethbridge, Alberta


    • The Importance of Work/Life Balance (1:29)
    • Be Flexible (1:02)
    • The Business Circle Live Event (34:38)
    Watch Lonny's Lessons
    Shazma Charania
    Shazma Charania

    ZS Holdings

    Red Deer Region


    • Z & S Holdings - Make informed decisions (1:11)
    • Shazma talks financial institutions (0:29)
    • Meet Shazma (0:16)
    Watch Shazma's Lessons
    Tracy Klotz
    Tracy Klotz

    Titus Tools

    Lloydminster Region

    Tracy is constantly looking for new projects to explore and challenges to overcome. He started Titus Tools with a vision of improving efficiency and safety in oilfield operations and has secured a number of patents that allow Titus Tools to do just that.

    • Know your worth (1:34)
    • Leverage your debt (1:52)
    • Event: Business Circle at Titus Tools (38:51)
    • Q&A with Tracy & Coreen (8:17)
    Watch Tracy's Lessons
    Andy Riopel
    Andy Riopel

    Three60 Electrical

    Calgary Region

    Andy spent years working as a journeyman electrician before starting Three60 Electrical. He identified an under-served market and decided to jump at the opportunity. His strategy: surround himself with great people and provide them with a clear vision.

    • Positioning Your Company as Specialists (1:36)
    • Keep Great Employees (1:30)
    Watch Andy's Lessons
    Albert Stark
    Albert Stark

    Starks Plumbing, Heating & Electrical

    Medicine Hat Region

    Albert started working for the family business at a very young age. Years later, he joined his dad Nick to run the company, eventually taking over. Albert has unrelenting passion for his business.

    • Always Have The Right Tools For The Job (1:40)
    • The Value of Relationships (0:15)
    • Don't Buy Cashflow (1:46)
    • Starks Plumbing, Heating & Electrical (26:31)
    Watch Albert's Lessons
    Teresa Spinelli
    Teresa Spinelli

    The Italian Centre Shop

    Edmonton and Calgary Region


    • It Takes Trust (2:01)
    • Grow Your People (2:05)
    • Event: The Italian Centre Shop (30:59)
    Watch Teresa's Lessons
    Abe Neufeld
    Abe Neufeld

    Crosslink Leaseholds Inc.

    Grande Prairie Region


    • Learn from your competition (2:40)
    • Be Intentional With Your Business (2:45)
    • Event: Crosslink Leaseholds Inc. (19:06)
    Watch Abe's Lessons
    Paul Hamer
    Paul Hamer

    The Saskatoon Farm

    Calgary Region


    • Trust means flexibility (1:32)
    • Invest on potential return, not cost (1:30)
    • Event: The Saskatoon Farm (24:03)
    Watch Paul's Lessons
    Phil Neufeld
    Phil Neufeld

    True-Line Homes

    Red Deer Region


    • Giving staff room to grow (1:14)
    • Be ready to grow your business (1:14)
    • Event: True-Line Homes (10:32)
    • Event: True-Line Homes Q and A (20:06)
    Watch Phil's Lessons
    Richard Thiessen
    Richard Thiessen

    Silver Ridge Construction

    Lethbridge Region


    • Succession planning (2:33)
    • Separate sales and production (1:41)
    • Building a great team (2:51)
    • Building strategic relationships (3:13)
    • Event: Silver Ridge Construction (15:14)
    Watch Richard's Lessons
    Cory Medd
    Cory Medd

    Two Guys and a Pizza Place

    Lethbridge Region


    • How to improve hiring practices (1:37)
    • Successful business leaders find ways to improve (2:21)
    • Event: Two Guys and a Pizza Place 13:43)
    Watch Cory's Lessons
    Poul Mark
    Poul Mark

    Transcend Coffee

    Edmonton Region


    • Quality experience (1:16)
    • Quality brand (1:31)
    • Pay yourself (1:49)
    • Cashflow (1:53)
    • Event: Transcend Coffee (27:51)
    Watch Poul's Lessons
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