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    Community councils

    Can a credit union really be both province-wide and local? You bet we can.

    Servus Credit Union has a long history of involving all kinds of communities in how we run the business. Even as we’ve grown, we’ve continued to keep close ties to what matters most to our members.

    One way we do this is through our community councils. Some councils are based on language or ethnicity, others on location or geography. Either way, community councils help make sure we stay on top of local issues and interests.

    Council members are ambassadors for Servus in the community and they give us advice and ideas to keep us focused on our members and in tune with the communities we serve.

    Council members' role

    Community council members help Servus work more effectively with local business and residents.

    List of councils

    Servus has 38 community councils providing us with advice about local communities across Alberta.

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