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    Personal loans

    Our Greater Than loans pay you to borrow from us

    A green Servus Circle, the greater than symbol and a blue square. Servus loans are better than the bank's.

    Get a loan that fits your needs, and we pay you for borrowing the money from us. Believe it. We call it Profit Share® Rewards cash.


    Car loan

    Buying a car? A motorcycle? An RV? Finance the vehicle you want.

    Consolidation loan

    Whatever your financial situation, we can help you reduce the stress of personal debt.

    Fast Forward Small Loan

    Making ends meet just got easier. A Fast Forward Small Loan fits your needs and saves you money.

    Investment loan

    Sometimes borrowing money to invest is a wise decision.

    Renovation loan

    We can customize a loan to finance your renovation plans.

    Student loan

    Let us take one worry off your mind by helping you finance your education.

    Loan application process

    Apply for a loan online in 4 easy steps.

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