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  • Offers and promotions

    Grow your money faster

    Save money. Increase your head start

    The Servus Big Share™ 2020 is coming. Now's your chance to get early entries by growing your savings with a special GIC offer. You'll not only earn interest on your money, but you'll also increase your head start towards the $1 million prize.

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    Redeemable rate builder GICs

    Watch your investment grow without ever being locked in.

    Our Redeemable Rate Builder GICs are available in 2-year, 3-year and 5-year term options. The interest rates for each option grow every year until you reach the full length of your investment (two, three or five years).

    The GICs are also fully redeemable on their anniversary date every year, so you’ll have access to your money, if you need it.

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